The Ultimate Cloud Accounting Suite

We support every type of self-assessment:

  • Directors
  • Self-Employed
  • Partnerships
  • Landlord & Property Tax
  • Capital Gains Tax
  • Foreign Income
  • Non-Resident Tax
  • Partners of Partnerships
  • Enhanced Tax Reliefs such as EIS, SEIS or VCT

Key Benefits

HMRC Compliant

Submit self-assessments directly to HMRC within the system at the single click of a button

Unlimited Submissions

Just like our other modules, we won't limit you on the amount of submissions you can make. So produce and submit as many self-assessments as you wish

Submission Report

Once a tax return has been submitted, Nomisma will store a report and notify you of the successful or failed submission

Client Management & Engagement

Simplify client engagement with templated emails and SMS based combined with a tagging system pulling relevant data from the client's profile, as well as the ability to schedule bulk email for the future

Work Flow Management

Manage your practice's workload efficiently, with our self-assessment client list that pulls through vital information in relation to every client. Not limited to, self-assessment status, amount of tax due, HMRC responses, the assigned individual as well as the ability to email

Document Storage

Have a client with stocks/shares, rental income or any other kind of income that you needed to produce separate workings for? Store them within our documents section, to easily reference them in future years

Powerful Reporting

Quite possibly the most robust prebuilt reporting functionality in the industry. See lists of directors you have within your suite, which aren't a self-assessment client - useful for upselling. A full list of all of your self-assessment clients with breakdowns of their taxable income and many more

Fully Integrated with all Modules

If you enter a dividend in a limited company's bookkeeping, it'll be pulled through to the relevant director's personal tax return. Likewise, if a payroll is ran it'll also populate within the relevant tax return

Tax Return Checklist

Our new way of gathering information from all of your client's in bulk, send one email with our checklist and get the responses straight back into Nomisma. If your client selects a certain option, it'll also trigger a request for additional documentation


Book a free demo

Be sure to ask for a free trial at the end of your demo to take the software for a spin yourself!

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