Accountants, Bookkeepers

Bookkeeping Certification

Learn how to perform bookkeeping including:

  • Bank reconciliation
  • Ledger reconciliation
  • Reaising sales invoices
  • Creating supplier bills
  • Store digital copies of receipts
  • Use Nomisma’s mobile app
  • Setup bank feeds
  • Generate and understand useful reports

Nomisma CRM Certification

Learn how to use Nomisma CRM including:

  • Adding and nurturing leads
  • Producing quotes and proposals
  • Using value-based menu pricing
  • How to onboard new clients
  • Submitting digital AML checks
  • Producing letters of professional clearance
  • Ongoing management of clients and contacts
  • How to integrate incoming and outgoing email

Nomisma Payroll Certification

Learn how to run payroll using Nomisma including:

  • Understanding how to navigate the menus
  • How to setup an employer
  • How to setup employees
  • Running payroll
  • Turning on automation features
  • Filing payroll to HMRC
  • Filing pensions to various providers
  • Downloading data from HMRC

Self-assessment Certification

Learn how to use Nomisma for self-assessments including:

  • Understanding how to navigate Nomisma
  • Using the self-assessment dashboard
  • Assigning tasks and using statuses
  • Using the self-assessment questionnaire
  • Completing the SA100
  • Linking bookkeeping to self-assessment
  • Getting data from HMRC
  • Request eSignatures and approval

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