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Payroll Software for Recruitment Agencies
Modular Payroll Software for Recruitment Agencies

For the recruitment agencies, payroll software is a necessity. Payroll software often comes with integrated software for the financial accounting. Nomisma is a world-class payroll software for recruitment agencies. While purchasing a payroll software, the recruitment agencies considers various factors such as scalability and the payroll software must fulfill the needs of the recruitment agency. A good payroll software for recruitment agency supports each aspect of its payroll and finance procedures like margin analysis, credit control, commission calculations, client billing, contractor payments, and expense management. it also has the ability to connect with a relational database management system.

Important Features of Payroll Software

For the recruitment agencies, the payroll software comes with some very important features like analytics, reporting, payroll, finance and CRM. A good payroll software makes handling the task of payroll much simple. It offers secure multi-client and multi-branch login with a user-friendly interface for your business. For the recruitment agencies, the payroll software offers features such as rostering smarter with the real time visibility of compliant and available committed bookings and temporary workers. Its drag and drop feature permits recruitment agency to instantly confirm assignments, move the workers into bookings, and scenarios model. A good payroll software empowers candidates and clients to confirm, edit, view and enter information of timesheet on all devices. It also guarantees accuracy of the payroll, and decrease costly mistakes and administration, with a complete auditable online workflow timesheet. The automated alerts of candidates will inform the stakeholders and decrease transactional enquiries.

Integrates Easily with Bookkeeping Module

Nomisma payroll software integrates quickly with the modules of the bookkeeping. Its dashboard gives you a quick view of the payroll, payslips and the submissions of RTI. With the help of Nomisma payroll software, you can print and email the payslips and the forms P60 and P45. One of the most important feature of a payroll software is working papers. You can keep and upload all the information related to the clients, which is attached to the individual accounts or entries. The payroll software for the recruitment agency can easily calculate the SPP/SMP/SSP and the payments of employee loans. With the help of a good payroll software, you can view departmental costing and comprehensive reporting. You can also watch browser dependent KPIs during the meetings on your computer in the office or anywhere on your smartphone for the faster updates. If you want to display some reports, then you have to define those reports. Therefore, by this way you can provide real-time details to your team which they required. An attendance and time software are essential for a workplace. And no one understands it better than a recruitment agency. If a recruitment agency wants to handle their employee payroll and benefits then a right and accurate system is the main requirement. This will permit a recruitment agency to handle their workforce in a more productive way. Nomisma is a fantastic payroll software and is best for the recruitment agencies in terms of features and the cost.

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