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Nomisma online payroll software is very useful for small businesses, charitable/non-profit organizations, recruitment agencies and hospitality as it helps in recording the details of your employees, calculate employees pay and deductions on your behalf, calculate the amount you owe to HMRC and reports all the payroll information to HMRC on time.

Payroll Module
What is Cloud Payroll Software?

Cloud payroll software is software containing all the payroll information which is stored on a server and which can be easily access and manage through the internet. Manual payroll systems are time consuming & may leads to more mistakes.

With the help of online cloud payroll software, you can easily access and manage your payroll information from any location at any time. It offers you many services such as payroll, leave management, time and attendance & ESS (Employee self-service) by which you can easily manage your company’s critical payroll information.

Why Nomisma Payroll Software?

Nomisma payroll software is very useful for small business owners to tracks employees working hours, attendance and manage leaves as well. It helps in:

  • Running payroll for qualified companies automatically
  • Providing information of pay role, pay slips and RTI submissions all in one place
  • Printing as well as e-mailing pay slips
  • Generating detailed payroll reports.
  • Not only managing the task you have to do but it also updates your accounts and creates HMRC submissions too.
Auto Payroll

Make fixed payments simpler as our system runs payroll for qualified companies automatically

Auto Enrolment

Stay compliant with easily navigated auto enrolment and simple opt-in and opt-out option

Automatically calculate mandatory or voluntary payments

System can calculate SSP/SMP/SPP and Student loan payments, amongst others

Integration with Bookkeeping Module

All run payroll is automatically posted to the bookkeeping module eliminating the need to copy data aver manually


See where you are at a glance with payroll, RTI submissions and payslips all in one place. So you can keep on top of those all-important payroll tasks


Download or print payslips

In-depth reporting

Extract reports detailing covering everything from a breakdown of total wage costs too RTI submission reports

Working Papers

Upload and keep all client information attached to individual entries or accounts. No more searching through various folders or emails

Employee dashboard and login

Separate dashboard for each and every employee to login and can easily check working hours, attendance, e-pay slips, leave status, reimbursements etc. all at one place.

Employees can use App and submit expenses

Employees can easily access any payroll information from the mobile app and submit expenses for reimbursements.

Expenses authorisation

Easy authorisation of invoices, expenses through the approval process.

So more than Payroll

It not only provides payroll information but much more than that. With the help of this cloud accounting payroll software, you can easily manage employee’s attendance, salary, ESI, PF requests, FNF, income tax etc.

Bulk payroll processing which saves time

Saves your time by efficiently and economically processing the salary payments in bulk instead of doing them individually.

Fully HMRC compliant

Fully HMRC compliant payroll software which submits your payroll data directly to HMRC before the tax deadline.

Fast and easy to use and saves time

User-friendly software which speed up your work and saves your time.

Getting Started with Payroll Software for Small Businesses

Whether you are not able to understand how to run payroll software?

Whether you want overview of how payroll software operates?

Nomisma has an answer to it.

Nomisma gives you overview of all the payroll software starting from tracking your working hours, managing your leaves and processing your pay to generating detailed reports and reporting the same to HMRC at the end. By using this Nomisma software, you will easily find the solution of each & every payroll issues. Before purchasing the software, you can also avail our 14 day trial period.

So, put a stop on your manual work and start a tour of this amazing payroll software by visiting our Payroll Video page.

Start 14-day free trial

Be sure to ask for a free trial at the end of your demo to take the software for a spin yourself!

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