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Nomisma Cloud Bookkeeping Software helps running businesses in an efficient manner and it is all because of the benefits they offer to the individuals or organizations. For ex- you can setup unlimited number of bookkeeping accounts, reduces your time you spent on your tasks because of automated Bank reconciliation system, provide bulk upload and send facility for sales and purchase invoices, ability to automatically calculate and convert multi currencies, credit control feature of Nomisma shows how much a client owes you and from how long the amount has not been paid, unique reports generation, etc. It also allows you to do multiple tasks at one time so that you should have more free time to advice your clients.

Bookkeeping Software
What is Cloud Bookkeeping Software?

Online Cloud bookkeeping software is software which is hosted on remote servers to record expenses, allowances, mileage and submits receipts. This hosted application can be accessed through internet enabled device such as smartphone, tablet or a PC. It is a process where data is sent into the cloud “where it is processed and returned to the user”. It completes the backup, updates occur immediately and nothing needs to be downloaded or installed on a company computer. It also allows employees who are sitting in different departments, branches or at a remote location to use the same data and access the same version of the software.

Bulk upload and send facility for sales and purchase invoices

Allows you to do multiple tasks in one action freeing up more time to advise your clients

Upload and send subcontractor bills with incorporated CIS

Calculation making all your subcontractor billing needs simple and efficient

Customisable outputs

Personalise your invoices with your company/trading logo

Paperless bookkeeping

Attach copies of all relevant documents to any transaction in multiple formats - no more searching through folder after folder of paper for that receipt!

Mobile App and simple to use

Use Mobile App to send, reconcile invoices or create expense claims anytime, anywhere from any device – computer, laptop or tablet with internet connection. It is very simple to use.

Unique takings sheet

Record exactly how much cash was received and the type of goods/service it should be allocated to leading to stress free reconciliation

VAT Submissions

Create & easily submit your VAT returns online to HMRC with this cloud bookkeeping software. You can also track and manage it with the help of mobile app anywhere, anytime.

Reimbursements are made easy

With our expense input organised by type (Allowance, Expenses, Payment from Personal Account etc.) and unique features such as Home as Office Expense you will always know how to get your clients the best return

Automatic reconciliation

Put all those hours you spend on bank reconciliation to better use with our intuitive system that recognises your transactions and matches them for you. Tell it once and it learns!

Collect money fast

Bookkeeping with payment gateway integration helps in fast sending & receiving of payments.

Credit Control

Make control over credit by knowing how much a client owes you and from how long the amount has not been paid.

Real time Cash Flow position

It provides real time view of your cash flow by which you can easily track & understand the financial position of your company.

Multiple logins for Staff

Create multiple logins for your staff and grant access of your financial data to multiple users. You can also restrict the access of the data among the staff.

Powerful Management Reporting

Generate powerful management reports like P&L a/c, cash flow statement and balance sheet to know the financial position of the company.

Making Tax Digital (MTD) Compliant

It’s time to keep your records digital with this Making Tax Digital (MTD) compliant software. It is simple, secure & affordable cloud based solution which helps you in meeting your every VAT filing requirement.

Integrated to payroll and therefore accurate management reports

Bookkeeping is seamlessly integrated to payroll and therefore helps in generating accurate management reports including capturing, managing and reporting time & attendance data and helps in solving workforce management tasks too.

Is Cloud Bookkeeping Software Safe?

Nomisma is the safest bookkeeping software which protects your financial data from being lost or stolen. In this process, the access to the data in the cloud is encrypted and password protected. Two peoples can easily access rights to the same system with their unique passwords. Therefore, sharing is also not a problem in “Nomisma”. Our cloud bookkeeping software has a backup facility too as they are having backup servers in two or more locations. If there is a problem in any server and it is not working, you can still have access to your data.

How Nomisma Bookkeeping Software Can Help Your Business?

Nomisma software is very useful for small & medium sized businesses as it helps in creating & customizing invoices, reporting and time tracking. It also helps in creating the records like income, payments, purchase and sales done by an individual or an organization.

Start a Tour of Small Business Bookkeeping Software

Whether you are not able to understand how to run bookkeeping software? Whether you want overview of how bookkeeping software operates? Nomisma has an answer to it.

Nomisma gives you an overview of all the bookkeeping software starting from setting up your company & bank accounts to generating accounting, customer & other reports at the end. By using Nomisma, you will easily find the solution of each & every business problem. Before purchasing the software, you can also avail our 14 day trial period.

So, put a stop on your manual work and start a tour of this amazing bookkeeping software. Go to our bookkeeping video page.

Start 14-day free trial

Be sure to ask for a free trial at the end of your demo to take the software for a spin yourself!

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