While an experienced in-house accountant can do a wonderful job at maintaining a company’s monetary records, financial experts tend to advise their clients to outsource the firm’s accounting needs to established bookkeeping firms.

Regarded as one of the top bookkeeping software in the UK, Nomisma is an extensive computer program that provides a wide array of accounting facilities ranging from detailed reports about the company’s weekly transactions to comprehensive comparisons of the VAT returns. Additionally, the all-inclusive services of Nomisma cater to both small-scale business and well-established conglomerates. Contrary to misguided popular opinion, it is highly economical for small-scale firms to hire the services of bookkeeping software. By doing so, companies are assured to receive quick and accurate results. Firstly, employing the software improves the efficiency of the processes through which the firm manages its financial transactions. On top of that, the time required to collect, organize and process the data is reduced to a great extent. Following is a list of features that makes Nomisma the best-suited bookkeeping software for your company-

  1. Security: The financial records of a company contain sensitive information, which needs to be guarded with utmost care. Nomisma comes out as a winner in this field, with high-security facilities designed to withstand malicious attempts by hackers to access the confidential information. Our clients are encouraged to have detailed discussions with our software developers to understand the mechanism used to safeguard the data.  Our bookkeeping software uses electronic copies of the documents, instead of utilizing the original papers. Original documents are required only in certain cases of emergency.

  2. Data - Summary: The software generates thorough audit reports and provides transaction summaries in multiple formats. The reports can be assessed to make comparisons between monthly transactions and offer suggestions to the firms regarding the ways through which the company can maximize its profits by making monetary cuts in all the right areas. The money that is saved can instead be invested in providing better facilities for the employees. This, in turn, will encourage the employees to work harder; thus, increasing their productivity.

  3. Easy to operate: The bookkeeping software is extremely user-friendly, with the website providing training lessons for novices. As a result, the software is meant for small businesses, who cannot invest too much money in training new workers.

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  4. Never miss deadlines: Since the software operates on a cloud-based server, the data can be updated simultaneously by multiple employees, seated in different parts of the country. Thus, the system always remains up to date, with no pending data entries.

  5. Automated Reminders: Nomisma sends out automated reminders to clients and accountants to update information. Once the deadline for a certain project has been fed into the system, one can count on the efficient software to do the required job.

  6. Data Management: Created to manage emails and large amounts of data regarding the company and its clients, the bookkeeping software constitutes an effective module to handle customer relations. By keeping track of the communication between the company and the clients, the software ensures that timely replies are sent out to the customers. Reducing the response time improves the reputation of a company to one that cares for its clients. This also helps increase the longevity of the customer lifecycle.

  7. Payroll Module: The bookkeeper payroll software is integrated with the other units, thus helping draw connections between different pieces of data. Designed to manage the logs regarding the payroll submissions of the employees, along with the corresponding tax payments, this component of the software updates the information into books that have been created online.

  8. Time Management: Data that would take days to be assembled by human accountants can now be gathered, analyzed and reported within minutes, by pressing a few buttons. The valuable extra time obtained by using Nomisma can be utilized for training employees to make them more adept at their jobs or to formulate innovative plans to improve the status of the firm. Nomisma is designed to be an accounting software for small businesses, who would be better off with extra time on their hands to build the name of the company, instead of being burdened by a bulk of unending paperwork.

  9. Finding new clients: Nomisma is a resourceful software that stores a huge bulk of information. Once the firm gains popularity in the client base, a word about the reliability of the company begins to spread amongst other contacts of the current clients. This attracts new customers. However, it is vital to maintaining the quality of the work, which is where Nomisma assists newly set up ventures, by offering basic bookkeeping for small businesses.

  10. Money: Nomisma offers its services at rates that do not burn a hole in the wallet. It permits its users to create monthly packages based on their requirements. Thus, clients looking for basic bookkeeping for small businesses can subscribe to the inexpensive bookkeeping pack, which costs £7.50. The monthly price for availing all services is £ 30, exclusive of value added tax. Users can enjoy a 28-day trial pack of the bookkeeping software, after which they are guaranteed to be convinced about Nomisma being a wonderful business assistant.