If you are a firm, located in the UK, looking for the best online accounting software, then here is a list of reasons that make Nomisma the solution to all your accounting problems.

Understanding the benefits of cloud-based technology

Endowed with a wide range of features, Nomisma is easy online accounting software which holds the capacity to store large volumes of data. Accountants can access the information from various devices, as it is stored on an online cloud system. In the past few years, computation based on cloud technology has gained much popularity among small-scale businesses and well-established corporations. The significant records that are uploaded online do not need to be backed up every few months since Nomisma saves the statistics on a daily basis. The automation of such cumbersome tasks allows employees to devote their time and efforts to other activities that cannot be mechanized.

Payroll and Tax calculation

Every time the accountant updates information regarding payments made to the clients or about the money received from the customers, Nomisma produces automatically calculated figures that illustrate the amount the company owes to the HRMC in the form of tax return payments. Hence, the personal online accounting software balances the company’s account to indicate its profits/losses.

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Firms perform the monthly task of sending pay slips to the current employees. Instead of assigning this chore to the accountants, businesses can avail the services of Nomisma, which has been designed to send automated emails to the employees. Keeping in mind that various companies specify different details on the pay slip, Nomisma authorizes firms to make changes in the predesigned templates.

No Errors

Imagine being seated in an office, working the entire day, as you scan through hundreds of documents. Naturally, humans are prone to be easily distracted. As a result, a minor error in noting a digit can cause a huge deviation in the total sum from the actual result. Nomisma efficiently calculates pages worth of information in a fraction of a minute. Additionally, it is designed to deliver precise answers. In entirety, this feature makes the job of the accountants much simpler; thus, giving them spare time to help the managers with other financial necessities.

Comprising the data into graphical charts

Nomisma produces clear graphical representations of the numerical data. This helps summarize the information, making it simpler for the employees and managers to examine the progress reports. The accounting software offers multiple formatting options to choose from. This means that if the company prefers viewing the data in the form of bar graphs, rather than analyzing line charts, then they are free to change the setting to suit their needs. By putting to use this feature of the accounting software, companies can cut down on time spent on scrutinizing lengthy manuscripts. The sooner the data is studied, the faster the employees can formulate policies to stimulate the growth of the company.

User-friendly software

Many small businesses look for easy online accounting softwares, whose operations and modules can be explained to employees without engaging in costly training sessions. Nomisma offers a month-long trial pack, with an online guide that explains the ways to use the accounting software in depth.

An impressive CRM module

The customer relationship module works wonders towards maintaining cordial relations with the current clients and finding potential clients. A feature, termed as lead generation, places the relevant information about the firm onto social media platforms; thus attracting a number of prospective buyers.

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Highly secured network

As mentioned earlier, the cloud accounting programs can be entered by multiple users. This often makes clients speculate about the possibilities of a malicious attack on the system. The thought of being hacked convinces several companies to revert to depending on manually maintained records. However, these documents are also under the threat of being stolen by burglars. It is very difficult to protect sensitive information. To counter this problem, Nomisma has devised a highly secure network that protects the information from hackers, viruses, and other competitors.

A Cloud accounting software accountants, Nomisma presents a plethora of packages to suit the financial needs of the companies. While some companies may require software to handle customer relations, another firm may be in the search of a module to segregate client information into detailed sub-files. Thus, Nomisma allows users to create accounting packages to suite their convenience. The fully integrated pack is priced at £ 65. The other modules are available at £ 20 each.