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“Nomisma and Outbooks partner to give customers first rate outsourcing at discounted rates”

Nomisma has partnered with respected outsourcer Outbooks to offer preferential rates to mutual customers. All Nomisma customers will enjoy a 5% discount on all work ongoing and, better still, for the first 10 practices exceeding £1,000 per month under this arrangement that will double to 10%.

For the practice looking to scale and struggling to either find talented staff locally or train them up fast enough to match client acquisition, Outbooks offers the solution. Not only are there significant cost savings and flexibility as work fluctuates, but the quality of output is at least as good as you expect with in-house UK staff. On top of this, Outbooks’ signature is their impeccable communication and adherence to timelines. Any missing paperwork will be notified within 48 hours of receipt so it can be promptly rectified with the client, and they won’t take on work that they can’t guarantee to deliver within agreed deadlines.

To learn more about Nomisma and the Outbooks partnership, take in a webinar, 1-2-1 demo and try a 14-day trial, all with no obligation and published pricing. Just visit https://www.nomisma.co.uk/, email [email protected] or call 020 3021 2326.

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