Nomisma offers high standard online accounting software to deliver the best results to customers. This easy online accounting software is designed to meet the needs of small businesses, contractors and freelancers. Equipped with the latest technology and the best set of tools, Nomisma enables you to carry out your accounting tasks from anywhere. As it is very simple accounting software, you will have no difficulty in using it. Our accounting system for small businesses will aid your business in every stage of its growth and benefit you by increasing your productivity and profit.

Online Accounting Software UK

Nomisma online accounting software brings you a secure platform to carry out accounting. We believe that our responsibilities do not end by just providing you with the software and hence offer continuous support and training to our clients. You can access the system and track changes from anywhere. With Nomisma's highly integrated online accounting software you can get your work done with efficiency and save your precious time. We also bring several modules to give you a unique accounting experience. Nomisma is the best online accounting software to offer top quality solutions to your accounting needs.

As an online accounting software for accountants, Nomisma offers the following features.

Bookkeeping module

Nomisma enables you to carry out your bookkeeping effectively. With the right set of tools and options, you can manage your records well and access them whenever you need it. We provide you with a login ID to access the bookkeeping module. Create different types of invoices and then email them directly to your clients from the system. Upload purchase bills and get a clear view of expenses, invoices and other relevant details of financial transactions on the dashboard. Nomisma’s bookkeeping comes with unique features and cloud accounting programs. The reimbursement tab lets you add different allowances like subsistence and use of home as office. There is also a tab for adding mileage to your business. The system is equipped with multi currency capability. You can get regular bank feeds with this system. By connecting your bank account with Yodlee, all transactions can be directly downloaded into the system. Auto reconcile option lets you reconcile a large number of transactions at the press of a button. So you get to save a lot of time. Submitting VAT returns is easy with Nomisma. Just click on the Add VAT returns button and we will create them for you. These can then be submitted directly to the HMRC. You can carry out the processing of dividends and issuing of dividend vouchers using Nomisma online accounting software. As the module is integrated with self assessment, the dividends being processed are automatically added to self assessment module. We also help you with expense management, journal entries, takings sheets, query sheets to clear your queries etc. With the online accounting software, you need not spend numerous hours trying to get the paperwork done. We simplify your tedious tasks and bring efficiency to it. This means there are quick solutions and the best results.

Company Secretary

With this module, you get to appoint or terminate company director or secretary. You can submit annual returns and file statutory compliances at Companies House.

Payroll module

The payroll module carries out auto enrollment for you. Since it is directly connected with the RTI system of HMRC, making submissions has never been easier. We will set up monthly auto-run payroll for your clients according to the dates you specify. The RTI will be submitted and pay slips emailed to your employees. The system will add the relevant details under the Wages tab in the bookkeeping module and integrate the information with the self assessment module in order to compute personal tax returns. You do not need to update individual modules. We will make the necessary updating of information thus making things easy for you.

Accounts Production

This involves final accounts, statutory accounts and abbreviated accounts. The online accounting software will evaluate your CT and let you submit the accounts to Revenue and Companies House without any delays. It will also send emails and summaries to clients after the submission.

CRM Module

CRM module is a highly productive tool offered by Nomisma Solutions. CRM effectively carries out the essential task of lead capture and lead management. It sends emails to your prospective clients and enables you to conduct marketing campaigns. It consists of company formation and contract set-up. When the client is ready to sign up, you can incorporate the company with the help of CRM. You can search and form the company quickly as it is connected to Companies House. All the information is completely integrated to provide automatic updating of data and quick access. After the incorporation, the client can sign the agreement electronically. The agreement can be shared to the client through CRM. You can also use CRM to get feedback from clients and improve the services you provide to them.

Self Assessment

This module works in close connection with the payroll and bookkeeping modules. As a result, almost all the information is automatically updated to the self assessment module. You just have to submit the returns to HMRC after adding income from other sources. Nomisma solution also brings you various supplementary features. This includes CIS returns, preparation of reports like VAT comparison report, return in hand report and personal income report. Our online small business accounting software lets you carry out receipt management easily with the versatile Nomisma mobile app available for all Android and iOS smart phones. Read Also: Why Accountants Should Use Nomisma Solution

Nomisma- Top UK Online Accounting Software

With Nomisma, you get nothing short of the best online accounting software. Its real-time updates and integration will simplify your tasks and add efficiency to it. After going through our features and modules if you are interested in our easy online accounting software, try the free online accounting software demo available to you for 28 days. Choose Nomisma as your personal online accounting software to get the best results.