Nomisma are delighted to announce that we will soon be introducing a further two modules to our accounting software solution. The new modules: Know Your Client and Pricing diversifies the options available to our agents and continues the progress of our mission, to provide a complete solution for small practices and sole practitioners at a fair price. Our new offering further reduces the amount of software products needed by an agent, to be fully compliant with all aspects of the job.

1st Module: Know Your Client (KYC)

The Know Your Client (KYC) checks are required before you begin a relationship with every new customer. Designed to reduce the opportunity for money laundering, KYC checks are an unavoidable necessity. Nomimsa enables you to perform the correct due diligence from within the software, and quickly make sure your clients are who they say they are, and that their income is legitimate. Our KYC module will link with your other Nomisma modules, and will allow you to conduct all your prospect searches accurately and efficiently. We provide real-time, uniform information for clients based in the UK, enabling you to identify and verify your clients.

2nd Module: Pricing

Our second new module, Pricing, will enable our accountants to quickly generate, accurate quotes and proposals, from within Nomisma and then send them to clients. One of the biggest difficulties that small business owners face, is getting paid on time for the work they have completed. In April this year, it was found that SME’s were waiting an average of 36.5 days to get paid. That is 6.5 days later than agreed! Nomisma’s new module aims to solve these frustrations that can have a damaging effect on a business. Instead of wasting time manually creating invoices and chasing them when they go unpaid, Nomisma offers a simple and efficient solution. From within the Pricing module, you can generate professional proposals in seconds with the touch of a few buttons. All the data is already inputted into the Nomisma system so you are assured that it is accurate. It is just a case of selecting the client you wish to bill and the service you will provide. Once the service is completed, you can turn the proposal into an invoice and send it to your client. But the benefits don’t stop there. To reduce the precious time spent chasing payment, you can manage your outstanding invoices from the Nomisma dashboard. It provides an overview of your fulfilled and outstanding invoices so you can easily see who hasn’t paid and who needs a gentle reminder that they owe you money. As always, the cloud technology of Nomisma means you can create and send them from anywhere with a secure internet connection. No matter where you are in the world, you can ensure you get paid on time. Accountants can try our cloud accounting software with free trial.