CRM software

Customer Relationship Management permits users to achieve better customer relationship. Apprehending and categorising customer related data can provide businesses an edge over their competitors. Customer Relationship Management solution assists businesses to classify, comprehend and support customers effectively. CRM applications and tools assist businesses in mitigating business risks, achieving business goals, keeping track of essential data on customers and prospects. Key benefits of using a CRM software are:
Enhanced customer service: Businesses can use client profile data stored on the customer relationship management application to enhance the customer experience. Usually, customers expect that if they have shared some information with a business/accountant, about their needs, the business should remember each and every minute detail. It really doesn’t matter for the customer if the business/accountant is dealing with numerous contacts, what matters is their work to be completed in a timely and secure manner
Discover new customers: Apprehending data about prevailing clients makes available the basis for profiling prospective customers. Explore these new profiles to discover new business opportunities. Records of all the customers that have been contacted must be kept – Salesforce helps a business to keep track of key contacts, contracts, update on expiring contracts, progress on getting a customer on-boards etc. Growing sales: A Customer Relationship Management software can be used to run a loyalty agenda for decent prospects based on prior buying pattern and purchasing history. In order to grow sales, it is imperative to know what a customer’s needs are and when do they want it Comprehensive reporting: Users have the option to generate numerous reports depending on their needs and covering all the information pertaining to payroll
  • CRM software replaces monotonous labour-intensive everyday job with quick computerised workflows that automatically completes the task and sends computer-generated emails which eliminate administrative duplication
  • Businesses owners can avoid the hassle of multi-tasking as all the tasks can be managed on a single interface. This can comprise application requests, contracts, events, service cases, and projects
  • Businesses/accountants/individual can apply trade rules, best practices and methodology to Customer Relationship Management workflows permitting customers to keep an eye on directed phases and arrive at efficacious results when handling service issues, sales leads, and other business processes
  • A Customer Relationship Management software nurtures an optimistic team culture and enhances communication as business/individuals/accountants share data, work together effectively and gain an improved understanding of managing the work
  • Enhanced productivity through proper time management as Customer Relationship Management software gives users a heads-up about significant events occur, or if any activities are missed. Service managers can bank on Nomisma CRM data to answer the following queries:
    • Number of services that were logged the previous week
    • What is the current volume trend
    • Which team member resolved the maximum queries
    • Recurring issues and type of issues which consume maximum time
    • Percentage of cases fixed in a single call
  • Nomisma is the most valuable existing CRM technologies and has amazing customer friendly features
Enhanced client relationships: The more a business is familiar with, and remembers, about customers need and quality of service the more a client is comfortable dealing with the business and knows that they are cared about. This enables the business to have a deeper stronger connection with the clients

Benefits of Nomisma CRM software

Nomisma Solutions was founded in 2013 and is a modern day cloud-based accounting software. A cloud-based customer relationship management solution means that everyone in the business are connected to each other and any updates made can be immediately accessed (depending on the internet speed). Advantages include:
  • Receiving updates on any modification, even if the person is on a move
  • Seeking reference from recent interaction with a client during a customer meeting
  • Setting up a follow up on activities in response to meetings
  • Updating sales prospect and pipeline data point post a client meeting
Apart from CRM services, the software can help accountants with services such as Accounts Preparation and Bookkeeping, Corporation Tax, Company Secretarial, Payroll, and Self-Assessment. The software is appropriate for Customer Relationship Management services as it takes control of handling customer relationships through its own Practice Administration system. Nomisma Solutions can assist in growing the business by managing existing client relationships, managing and capturing leads efficiently, and issuing documents that help in maximising the bottom line. The software also enables accountants to keep a track of email promotions and generate comprehensive reports. Few of the features of the software encompass:
  • Automatically updated timesheets
  • Campaign Management
  • Capturing Leads
  • Contract Management
  • Complete amalgamation of modules
  • Fees and timelines
  • Managing Leads
  • Managing Workflow
  • Managing Documents
  • Managing Reports

For an accountant to leverage the marketing and sales benefits, it is crucial to choice a CRM package that best speaks about the needs. While opting for a CRM application, an accountant must consider the budget, and opt for the most viable solution available – Nomisma has the features/benefits which are imperative for an accounting firm