Anyone who runs a small business will testify to the annoyance that invoices cause. You agree a fee with a client, provide the agreed service and then when it comes to receiving payment, you are left chasing the customer for your money. There are a multitude of reasons why invoices don’t get paid, from human error on your part, through to a refusal to pay on the customer’s part. One of the main reasons why clients refuse to pay is because of mistakes. Rather than generating invoices manually and risk late payments, there is a better way to get paid. And while it won’t change how much your clients enjoy paying bills, invoicing software can improve how they pay your invoices. If you were to walk into a bar, the only way you could acquire the bars service, getting a drink, would be to pay them up front via cash or card. Accountants, contractors and many other small businesses do not have this luxury. Instead, you must provide your customers with an explanation of why they need to pay you a certain amount of money. Whether it’s generating and chasing your own, or managing those of your clients, invoices are an integral part of an accountant’s activity. A correctly designed invoice enables you to get paid on time and manage your firm’s revenue while providing legal protection for you and your client. While the importance of them is undeniable, generating them needn’t be a worry. Sage found that small businesses waste around 130 hours each year chasing late invoices and often wait until 30 days after the contractually agreed date to finally receive payment. Creating invoices manually is an unnecessary risk to your practice. Human error could result in you or your client receiving a late payment, which ultimately damages your business’ chance for success.

Get paid on time with invoicing software

Errors are one of the most common reasons that invoices are not paid on time. Because invoices contain official information about your company, your client and the services you are being paid for, your client can refuse payment if this data is incorrect. Invoicing software automatically generates statements from the information that is stored in your accounting software. Nomisma allows you to create invoices with the touch a few buttons with the assurance that they will be accurate and professional.

What does Invoicing Software do?

Cloud invoicing software lets you create, edit and send invoices from anywhere with a secure internet connection, at any time you wish. Once generated, you can then manage your invoices from the company dashboard. The software tracks the outstanding invoices and displays them in one place, to reduce the risk of late payments. Furthermore, Nomisma can automatically remind the client that they have an invoice due at a set period i.e. two weeks before it is due. The best invoicing software for your firm is undoubtedly on the cloud. Digital accounting software provides you with real time information while tracking your payments so you can always keep on top of your finances and cash flow.

Try Nomisma Invoicing Software for free

We want all agents to be able to experience the benefits of Nomisma’s complete cloud accounting software , so we offer a one month free trial to all interested accountants. Your free invoicing software account will allow you to experience the benefits of an integrated solution while getting used to the Nomisma software.
  • Generate and send professional invoices
  • Personalise your invoices with your company logo
  • Track sales, invoices, supplier bills and payments
  • Track cash flows with P+L and balance sheet
  • Automatically import transactions using Yodlee bank connect
  • Track via email
  • Automatically send reminders to clients
  • Free and regular updates