Small businesses generally do not have much funds nor they have big manpower. So it is very obvious that you as an owner will have to do a lot of tasks at your end. An integrated accounting software can help a great deal in small businesses as it will do lot of things quickly giving you more time to invest on bringing more clients and thereby growing in business. Well if buying an online accounting software is on your agenda then let me tell you that you don't need to purchase expensive business accounting software or spend hours lost in complicated reports.Accounting software with packages designed for small business owners and managers is all that you need. Nomismais a comprehensive accounting software thatnot just provides the basic applications for accounting tasks, but comes with packages especially designed for small businesses owners and manager to simplify the process and provide essential features including bookkeeping that include a general ledger, journals, balance sheet, among others, payroll, CRM and much more. The software comes with pre-designed invoice templates that you can customise. You can view business inventory and purchase history at just a click. The software is so designed that it is easy for even a novice to do all the tasks himself without even learning any details of accounting. Knowledge of simple basics is all that you need.

Cloud Software

A cloud-based accounting software which can be stored or accessed online - is a very good option for small businesses. The main benefits of opting for a cloud-based accounting software are version upgrades and data backup which is managed by the software provider. Nomisma a small business accounting option is especially designed to meet both the budget and the needs of a typical small office or small business. Itis a simple cloud accounting service designed to help small business owners to get organised and get paid faster. Since it is a cloud-based accounting service for small businesses, you can access your data everywhere anytime - on a mobile or desktop or Mac - and your data is always secure and backed up for you. Nomisma is among the best accounting softwares in UK.

Three things that make Nomisma ideal for small business

A good value for small business

Today, Nomisma is one of the low cost comprehensive online accounting software. While it has a number of modules and options available, Nomisma bookkeeping and accounts productions are a good value for small business accounting needs. It gives you option to customise your package so that you have to pay for only what you need. It also includes a 28-day free trial. This software is perfect to create customised invoices, quotations and contracts, track sales and expenses, integrate banks to directly fetch the details and access your business data anytime anywhere using its mobile app. Other handy features include document upload, exporting data to software and from software to excel, detailed reports to have a quick glance of how your business is doing, auto-tax filling, auto-RTI, among others. Read Also: Nomisma Solution is fully integrated bookkeeping and compliance software for accountants If you need a little more functionality than Nomisma providesa few add-ons. These include the Payroll to manage all details your employees, CRM to manage your clients’ details and generate more business, company secretary to manage your business. All these modules comes at £20+VAT for a month.

Simple Dashboard

Nomisma is integrated with a simple to use dashboard. It has a user friendly interface that makes it easy for small business owners who do not have much accounting knowledge or experience. With just a click you can create detailed reports of any module you need to have clear picture of how things are going. Your bank accounts can be connected to software and with just a click you can categorize income and expenses specifically for tax reporting. Also it gives you option to easily share your business data with your accountant online. Nomisma provides secure, double-entry accounting for bank reconciliation and financial statements.

All-in-one accounting solution

For most CEOs favorite accounting software is an all-in-one solution that provides everything a small business needs: affordability, ease of use, credit card processing and more. Nomisma is comprehensive accounting software designed specially keeping in mind the needs of businesses today. In today’s world the businesses are carried across the globe that includes multi-currency transactions. Nomisma understands this well and thus has multi-currency feature. Also it offers under-one roof that a small business would need like, bookkeeping, Self-assessment, company secretary, accounts production, tax assessment, CRM, Payroll accounting, auto-enrolment, for smooth functioning of the business.

Free small business accounting software

Out there in market are available many online accounting software for free. Small businesses many a times do opt for them; however, there are some problems associated with them like they would not have updates or some feature that you need would not be there. They are also not reliable when it comes to data storage online. Neither there would be any support service. Thus, we would suggest that rather than opting for free small business accounting software the business owners should look for options like Nomisma cloud accounting service available at cost £20 or less per month and are easy to use and provides you support all time.