Nomisma is the UK’s only fully integrated SaaS cloud-based compliance and bookkeeping software. Together with its integrated apps that allow access on the move, Nomisma is designed to significantly reduce operating costs for accountancy practices and improve efficiency, while also giving accountants the opportunity to offer their clients a modern technology led all-in-one accountancy service to further build client loyalty. Nomisma integrates bookkeeping, expenses management, payroll , self-assessment , accounts finalization, and reporting. It connects accountants with their clients and ensures businesses and accountants have access to their accounts in real time. It can be customized and branded by accountants for use with their clients and as a white-label product can be cross-sold at any price chosen, thereby providing accountants with an additional income stream. Nomisma’s application of cloud technology has significantly streamlined data processing and accessibility. Nomisma has been designed in response to the changing business landscape in the UK and globally that has seen the small business, freelancer, and contractor market grow significantly over the last two decades. Nomisma is the new software on the block. It certainly pays homage to all of the functions that the best accounting software packages currently on the market provide. However, Nomisma’s USP is that it has been designed to exploit the latest technologies from the outset and been built to manage a changing business landscape, as well as to compliment the accountancy profession with a software system that has business growth at its heart. Nomisma has not been adapted to meet modern expectations; it was built for the twenty-first century in response to the market for which it was built. Most small businesses and contractors hire an accountant. The expectations of modern businesses go beyond the services of traditional accounting practices. Modern client engagement, therefore, is a fundamental element of Nomisma. Piloted within the business model of an already profit-making accountancy practice, Nomisma’s introduction saw the practice grow and increase productivity and profits significantly. Nomisma is designed to address all areas of compliancy, integration, and accessibility, as well as building in business growth elements to appeal to ambitious accountancy practitioners who rightly see the changed business landscape as their opportunity to create a low-overheads, high-yield business. With the labour-intensive elements of accountancy fully integrated, accountancy practices are able practically to eliminate capital expenditure, significantly reduce operate costs, and improve efficiency. With ongoing and continuous changes to legislation and regulations, compliancy is a number one priority of Nomisma’s design. With accountants tasked not only to protect their clients by ensuring they are compliant but also to find ways to increase profit for them, Nomisma smartly manages areas such as VAT, home-as-office expenses, real-time reporting, and so on. Only really now with the introduction of cloud-technology have we been capable of integrating the manual elements of bookkeeping and accounts production, thereby reducing labour and human error, but importantly also allowing accountants and their clients to share real-time data, thereby building client engagement and compliancy. Because Nomisma shares data across all its systems, any report a business could possibly require can be accessed at the press of a button. A growing number of accountancy practices are offering their clients Nomisma as part of their accountancy package. Nomisma cloud technology provides a truly twenty-first century solution to accounting and business growth for modern businesses and accountancy practices.