In today’s business environment where customers expect prime service, whether an individual manages multi-property restaurants, hotels, clubs, resorts, etc., it is imperative to have a refined hotel management accounting software in place to manage finance and accounting transactions. Nomisma hotel accounting software is assisting many hotel owners to manage their operations effectively and is the best cloud-based hotel management software solution in the United Kingdom. Nomisma software for restaurants and hotels systematises hospitality financial and accounting management to provide better reflectivity into restaurant, hotel, or other hospitality business. Better accounts management helps to make choices that enhance cost-effectiveness. As an alternative to nerve-wracking discussion about hospitality software or hotel accounting software, Nomisma enables a business to be free and focus on customer satisfaction With enormous customer footfall, the hotel business, comprising of restaurants and hotels, processes a lot of data. Software is programmed to meet the specific needs of the hotel and restaurant industry, including the standard accounting function. The software includes additional features to accomplish daily operations, such as food cost control, labour scheduling, and billing customers based on tariff per room and supplementary services.

Nomisma as a Hotel accounting Software

Nomisma is a cloud-based accounting solution apt for small to medium-sized businesses in the United Kingdom and caters to numerous industry verticals including hotel and hospitality, retail, manufacturing, construction, etc. The software was launched in 2013 and since then it is a popular cloud-based hotel accounting software. All the accounting data is accessible inside the software with an instantaneous assessment of cash flow – accounts payable and accounts receivable etc. Apart from the performing accounting tasks for the hotel industry, the software is capable of contributing to other business services such as Corporation tax, self-assessment, book-keeping, company secretarial, and payroll.

Key Features of Nomisma Payroll Software for Hotel

Key feature includes the following:
  • Attendance and time manager - Easily track employees attendance and their work calendar giving them an over view of absence, overtime, leave and work time of the employees.
  • Centralised Repository - Mobile application of the software enables managers and employees to efficiently manage enquires, concerns, and requests.
  • Security - Only authorised user can access sensitive information to prevent any illegal manipulation or exploitation.
  • Automatic Notification - Automated reminder, up to-date notifications, timely tax submission, meetings and any other deadlines.
  • Accuracy - Provide accurate information and error free data. This gives detailed insights and you can make strategic decision on talent management, retention, training, and performance appraisal.

Free trial version of Nomisma – the hotel accounting software

Nomisma software provides 1 month free trail for hotel and hospitality industry in the United Kingdom. Try our trail version of the software right now.