Those who are already a part of the Nomisma Solution may already know but for those of you that don’t, we have an announcement. Thanks to the hard work of the development team, our users have received an additional function to their CRM arsenal. Our accountants now have the capability to create and deliver proposals from within the Nomisma integrated suite. This development is a big step in the right direction, as we continue progressing towards our goal of offering the most comprehensive company secretarial software solution in the UK. With this addition, we have taken away the need to employ a third-party product and instead offer one comprehensive solution to accommodate all your practice management needs. As always, the process starts within the Nomisma suite and translates any subsequent data throughout the other modules. To generate a quotation, you simply add your pricing, select the contract length, choose an individual or package service and Nomisma creates your proposal for you in seconds. Once it is created, you will see the benefit of using an integrated suite. It will automatically appear in your upcoming income and the proposed fee will be added to your overall P+L figures in the company dashboard. In utilising the functionality of Nomisma, you are simultaneously increasing the accuracy of your data whilst reducing the time taken to perform your administrative tasks. It is time to progress into being an efficient practice and produce quick and accurate proposals instantly. The process can be completed sitting across your desk from the client, who can receive a branded proposal into their email inbox before the meeting is over. Not only does the function make it easier to send quotations but it also increases the quality of your practice management by providing a greater real-time insight into your overall finances. The feature makes it simple to manage your finances by providing all the relevant data to your company dashboard. Every time you generate a new quotation, it is added to the list of existing ones, enabling you to oversee all pending and completed payments. You can generate a lead status report, which as the name suggests, provides you with up to date information on the status of your quotes. The reports give you an overview of each lead. You can clearly see who of your employees, has sent what to your clients. This creates more real-time data at your disposal, which results in more efficient practice management. Furthermore, you have the ability to remind the client that the invoice is due with our in-software email feature. You can send and store important emails so that you have a record of important communication with a client. We are very excited by the latest developments at Nomisma and this feature is another important step in our progress. Our solution is constantly evolving and there has never been a better time to join our network of accountants who are benefitting from the time that Nomisma saves their practices. Sign up for your free trial here, to see how Nomisma can help you.