Why Choose Nomisma Accounting Software for Accountants in UK

With a vision of “One practice, One Software,” Nomisma Solutions online accounting software, UK was born in 2013. Nomisma is personal online accounting software and has come up with a comprehensive all in one fully integrated system. Nomisma has solutions for everyone be it small businesses or sole professionals or even the large firms. Nomisma has its benchmark set of world class standards, and it has been hugely successful in staying true to its promises. Nomisma offers several customized packages to suit your needs, with modules that are unnecessary eliminated thus reducing the overall cost. Nomisma is not just online bookkeeping software; it is the complete package for accounting that does not in any way make it complex but is more user-friendly and completely hassle-free. The modules offered by Nomisma make it easy to operate and navigate. The modules are as follows,
  • Payroll
  • Self-assessment
  • Bookkeeping
  • Accounts production and Corporation Tax
  • Company Secretary
  • CRM/Practice Management
Accountants design these modules for accountants, which mean online accounting software for accountants assuring ease of work, as well as a total workflow to ensure compliance with the needs and requirements of the company or user. As discussed earlier, these modules are grouped according to their usability for a certain sector to create packages for optimal use and reasonable pricing. You can even book online accounting software demo to get the feel before purchasing the package. Let us make a detailed analysis of each module provided by this UK online accounting software.

Payroll Software for Accountants

With features like Automatic Run Payroll and Auto Enrolment making fixed payments is simpler as is staying compliant. What makes the Payroll module even more attractive is its Integration with Bookkeeping Module. There is also a Dashboard to stay afloat with your payroll. The in-depth reporting extracts reports detailing covering everything from a breakdown of total wage costs to RTI submission reports.The working papers upload and keep all client information attached to individual entries or accounts.

Self-Assessment Software for Accountants

With HMRC Compliant and Registered you can submit self-assessment returns directly from the system with a full status report. The system will also let you know if the HMRC has accepted your submission. Access to various system generated reports is created to ensure prompt and powerful reporting.

Bookkeeping Software for Accountants

There is no restriction on the number of bookkeeping clients you can set up with the Bookkeeping module. You can also create integrated cloud accounting programs and automated workflows for all of your accounting processes and staff. This way you can track the progress made by every employee. With automated Bank reconciliation, you can tell the system which ledger a transaction belongs to, and the smart software will remember the information moving forward which will reduce time spent on the task. VAT Comparison is one of the most powerful and unique reports generated by the software. It is built-in algorithm to let you know whether your client is the most cost effective VAT scheme. You can also personalize your invoices with your company or trading logo.

Accounts Production and Corporation Tax Software for Accountants

This module gives you access to numerous system generated reports, which cover everything from profit and loss by department or job to aged debtors reports and Nominal Ledger reports. It also files accounts to company’s house to eliminate the need for duplicate tasks and ensure that your clients remain compliant. The full audit trail system holds a record of stuff that is done what, where and when. With Customizable Trial Balance Mapping you can import trial balances from third party products. You can also appoint or terminate directors and select company secretary.

Company Secretary Software for Accountants

Taking care of all shareholder tasks has now become easy with the powerful Company Secretary module. Tasks such as appointing or terminating a director, changing Registered Office Address and allocating shares become quick and simple with full integration Nomisma and the CRM system. You can form companies for new or existing clients directly from this module. Also, you can confirm if company information is correct or simply make changes.

CRM Software for Accountants

You can now take control of managing all your client relationships with the CRM system. Grow your business by capturing and managing leads effectively, issuing documents and managing existing client relationships from within the Nomisma system. Track email campaigns and produce detailed reports. The workflow management feature shows exactly which parts of a task have been completed, so you never miss another deadline. Once that lead becomes a client, just tell the system whether it's a company, partnership, bookkeeping or self-assessment work and have all the data relevant data at your fingertips. Apart from these modules, this easy online accounting software provides a complete online customer support to ensure complete customer satisfaction. With their network spread all over the UK providing speedy service is not an issue with Nomisma. There being no dearth for small businesses in the UK Nomisma has taken it upon itself to ease the issues faced by these small businesses. This accounting system for small businesses irons out all the minor difficulties faced by these small companies. The online small business accounting software package by Nomisma consists of two major modules Payroll and Bookkeeping. Nomisma with all these innovative modules is the only software in the market to provide solutions for all your accounting problems. Many of the top accounting companies charge you extravagantly for even the most basic modules that Nomisma promises you at very reasonable rates. Moreover, Nomisma is not only promising a quality product but also timely and top-notch service. With all these features Nomisma can rightly be labeled as best accounting software for accountants.