File Your Company Accounts with Companies House Separately
Date Published: April 12th, 2019

Overview of Company Accounts Filing with Companies House

In case your company is not a charitable organization, you can use the HMRC online service and file your company accounts with companies house.

Reporting while Filing Company Accounts to Companies House

Reporting means what and how much a person can report while filing company accounts to companies house by using HMRC online service.

You will be able to report the following –

  • Income over £1000 not coming from organizations main trade.
  • Gross income over £5200 from property
  • Non-trading income (except interest received)
  • Income from property where expenses are greater than income.
  • Complex loan relationship
  • Research development costs
  • Leased cars

You will not be able to report the following –

  • If your company has more than 12 directors at any time in the return period
  • Adjustments for something reported in a previous year
  • Foreign currency transactions
  • Financial instruments
  • Income or expenditure from investment assets
  • Contingent assets
  • Restructuring costs
  • Called up share capital
  • Share based payments
  • Share premium

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