In the recent years, many entrepreneurs have taken the bold move of creating a market for their unique products and ideas. Such start-ups are housed in tiny spaces, with a limited number of employees. Thus, it wouldn’t be wrong to assume that newly set up ventures cannot afford to employ multiple accountants or meet the expenses of outsourcing the services to bookkeeping agencies. In cases like these, customer relationship management software like Nomisma come to the rescue of small businesses, by providing reasonably priced accounting services.

A race against time

Budding firms establish a hold in the market by building their client base and providing high quality products. This implies that they need to allocate their time effectively, such that they are able to meet the targets set by the company in the shortest possible time span. Hence, the workers at novice firms would be of more help if they were to dedicate their time to formulating distinctive advertising techniques and reaching out to new customers, instead of tracking the trails of never ending financial transactions. Nomisma’s automated operations have been developed by skilled IT professionals to save the time spent on maintaining huge quantities of data. All the necessary information can be fedinto the system in an organized manner; thus, making it easy for the employees to retrieve old files. Companies can also count on Nomisma to submit essential files before the set deadlines.

Neatly presented data

Data available in manual records is raw and unprocessed. Nomisma, on the other hand, understands the importance of neatly presented information. As a result, the CRM software is designed to present quick summaries of the latest reports through graphical representations such as pie charts and bar graphs. Business owners and managers can compare the rise/drop in the company’s weekly performance within a glance. A variety of widgets are placed on the main screen, which reveal data regarding the sales made by the enterprise during an assigned period, the statistics about the functioning of each sub-team and a terse note about the reviews submitted by the clients.

Detailed Client History

Created to be the best CRM software for small businesses in the UK, Nomisma stores detailed client history that takes into account the current requirements of the customers, facts regarding previous deals made between company and the client, pending financial transactions, et al. This is a drastic contrast to the superfluous data stored in manual records, which fail to provide information beyond the address and phone number of the client. Even if accountants can maintain highly descriptive records, the company will be forced to invest in additional storage rooms to protect the perishable documents. Moreover, customer relations management softwares permit the employees to access files within a few clicks.

Lead Generation Feature

In order to reach out to a greater audience, companies need to work towards grabbing the attention of the potential buyers. As opposed to the early 2000s, the current age is marked by an abundance of information available online. Drawing on this fact, Herbert Simon, a social scientist by profession, propounded that easy access to a wealth of data can reduce the interest of the readers in each piece of work uploaded online. Nomisma helps counter this through its lead generation feature, which works towards establishing a close link with the clients. This means that the company puts in extra effort to make the client feel welcomed. It tries to convince the customer that the product suits their needs and stands for the values that they so strongly believe in. The CRM software utilizes digital channels to trace interested buyers in various social platforms.

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In the absence of customer relationship management softwares, employees will have to sit and type long emails about the order placed by the clients. Every time the company strikes a good deal, Nomisma generates PDF files that contain information about the terms of payment and the mode of delivery. It also sends constant reminders about the pending payments and status of the deal.

Maintaining contact with clients

A good businessman never breaks connections with an old client. Nomisma provides customizable email templates that can be sent to clients in the form of monthly newsletters that list out the latest activities that the firm has been involved in. Programmed to collect the customers’ responses to the emails, the client relationship management software informs the user-company about the number of people who have unsubscribed from the email chain, the sum of clients who have checked the mail, and finally the numerical value of customers who were unable to receive the email.

Other advantages of using Nomisma

The cloud-based system provides access to a set of users. But, the network is highly secure and can only be entered by those who have the due permission to do so. Furthermore, companies need not create continuous backups of their work, as it automatically gets updated in Nomisma’s system. Nomisma is regarded as one of the top CRM systems for small businesses, as they provide a subscription to the CRM module for £ 20 on a monthly basis. Other modules can be added to the pack, based on the accounting requirements of the companies.