Employment and Hiring Procedure
Date Published: May 11th, 2018

Steps of Recruitment and Hiring Process

The recruitment and hiring process is totally different for each business. The recruitment and hiring process normally consists of five steps.

  • Defining the position of the job
  • Create the personal profile of the person you thought would be best for the role
  • Advertise the position and attract the candidates
  • Shortlisting the good candidates
  • Interviewing and selecting the best employee

Defining the position of the job

The very first step of the recruitment and hiring process is to define the position. The main intention of defining the position is to comprehend what the new job is required. This will assist you in making the complete description of the job.

Creating the personal profile

The personal profile is a combination of what you require and what you expect from the individual who will fill this position. If the description of job requires lot of work on the computers, then you need to search someone who is an expert in computers.

Advertise the position and attract candidates

The description of the job and personal profile of the candidate is the basis of the advertisement of the job. Recruitment agencies or portals such as Craigslist and the Monster are a good place to begin.

Shortlisting the good candidates

The next step is to invite those candidates which are shortlisted for the interview.

Interviewing and choosing the good employee

To find the best candidates, you need to interview them. Therefore, you need to shortlist the candidates for the job interview. Create some questions and read the CV of the candidates. Ask the candidates regarding their job achievements, why they join and left previous company, what are their career goals etc. This will make it very easy for the candidates to answer the questions and you can get some information related to their application. To ask various questions you need to offer some time to the candidates. This will provide them a good opportunity to get the information related to your company and answer properly.

The recruiting and hiring process

You need to negotiate salary with the candidates. Also ask about the date of joining. The negotiations might also include remote arrangements of working, pay severance, off paid time and various details. You need to be flexible if the candidate is come from a good company. You also need to discuss the paid as well as casual leaves.

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