CRM software for Accountants

Bookkeepers and accountants have a myth that Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions are only appropriate for marketing and sales professionals. However, Customer Relationship Management solutions are very effective for bookkeepers and accountants as they can assist them in achieving business goals and mitigating business risks. A CRM solution can assist a business in keeping track of vital data on customers and prospects. This data, in-turn, can be used by accountants and bookkeepers to lay emphasis on promotion, define new business offerings, and assist in tackling evolving business trends. Listed below are a few benefits of using a Customer Relationship Management solution to enhance the outcome:
Cross-selling: This is an effectual approach to grow the practice – usually many companies struggle since they don’t have the correct information. A Customer Relationship Management software enables a business to find new prospects within its existing customer base. For examples, setting apart cost opportunities for industrial or commercial property title holder, or tax enticements for corporations that lately acquire a property. The significant advantage here is the capability to keep an update of this information via CRM and leverage it to expand the practice
Document management and consolidated contacts: CRM solutions are perfect for collecting all business development contacts – current clients, leads, partners, and referrals at one place. Additionally, documents and files concerning to each data point can be updated in the CRM system – this protect the privacy of the data as well as keeps the data handy for further reference. With a CRM software, accountants can keep track of each referral or lead and be up-to-date with how prospects are growing at every stage of the sales cycle. This helps to keep track of the new-client ratio i.e. business generated from new clients
Insights into business development: CRM reports and dashboards enable accountants to get a quick view of profit centres as well as loss making centres. For example, accountants can map the marketing effect put towards a client to the amount of business generated from that particular client. All such insights will provide the data required to figure out where time and energy should be invested so that there is maximum impact on the bottom line.

How Nomisma CRM software can help accountants?

Nomisma, founded in 2013, is a cloud-based accounting software. Apart from CRM services, the software can help accountants with services such as Accounts Preparation and Bookkeeping, Corporation Tax, Company Secretarial, Payroll, and Self-Assessment. The software is appropriate for Customer Relationship Management services as it takes control of handling customer relationships through its own Practice Administration system. Nomisma Solutions can assist in growing the business by managing existing client relationships, managing and capturing leads efficiently, and issuing documents that help in maximising the bottom line. The software also enables accountants to keep a track of email promotions and generate comprehensive reports. Few of the features of the software encompass:
Automatically updated timesheets: Accountants can have the exact information about time, cost, billing, and expenses against projects or clients
Campaign Management: Plan, programme and execute promotion campaigns for events or services
Capturing Leads: The software assists accountants with capturing prospective customers visiting the website, or calling or sending an email to turn an request for information into a revenue generating customer
Contract Management: The contract management feature eliminates redundant paperwork and all the contract related is managed through the cloud
Complete amalgamation of modules: Once a pipeline customer is converted into a revenue generating client, an accountant will just be required to tell the system whether it's a bookkeeper, company, or partnership and all the pertinent data will be at the finger tips
Fees and timelines: Nomisma helps clients improve their cash flow and eradicate lost revenue. With the CRM dashboard, accountants can have a precise record of time spent on a particular job
Managing Leads: Assist accountants to be on top of new trade leads and create a rich and organised path to turn prospective leads into potential customers
Managing Workflow: Nomisma CRM software’s workflow administration tools illustrates precisely which sections of a task have been accomplished so that no information or deadline is missed. No fines incurred along with no deadlines being missed results is equivalent to clients being happy
Managing Documents: The CRM solution enables accountants to, without difficulty, track, accumulate, and manage all documents using the software system
Managing Reports: Updated reports to assist accountants manage customers and expenses For an accountant to leverage the marketing and sales benefits, it is crucial to choice a CRM package that best speaks about the needs. While opting for a CRM application, an accountant must consider the budget, and opt for the most viable solution available – Nomisma has the features/benefits which are imperative for an accounting firm