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Why is CRM important? How can CRM increase productivity and profitability within accounting practices? The notion of CRM essentially provides a centralized location/database in which firms make use of technologies and software’s to augment the traditional customer service experience. By having access to client data, the ability to control how they are interacted with and ability to recognise where the client is interacting with the firm, CRM is extremely powerful in terms of ensuring the effective building of rapport and the sustained creation of loyalty and new business. Objectively speaking, CRM has the ability to increase productivity and profitability. However, in order to capitalise on these opportunities, it is important that the correct dedication and allocation of resources is practiced in order to provide scope and understanding of how, where and when potential client leads are generated and ensuring a lasting and personal relationship with current clients. CRM further encompasses the journey of managing and onboarding those leads, which subsequently contributes to the understanding of necessary steps and avenues to convert leads into clients. Nomisma recognises that with ambitions to grow as a practice and sustain relationships, it is imperative that the correct time and energy is proportioned accordingly. Nomisma has made it possible for CRM tasks to receive the correct level of attention by incorporating CRM modules onto the Nomisma platform all in one place.

Nomisma’s solution to the top pain accountants face in relation to CRM

  1. Performing COMPANY SECRETARIAL tasks are time consuming and mundane albeit imperative to the incorporation of new and existing clients. At Nomisma the company secretarial module makes filing confirmation statements, updating company details and taking care of shareholder related tasks simple, by this ensures your practice is maximizing resources and saving time.
  2. Given the aforementioned importance of CRM & PRACTICE ADMINISTRATION, the CRM module within Nomisma makes it possible for simple record keeping and maintenance of lead generation and the history of communication to be instantly obtainable. A pain point for accountants is often using and paying for a variety of software’s to essentially help run the practice. By having an all in one integrated system at one price, Nomisma could sure increase efficiency and value for money. The relationships with every client are covered and the problematic constant back and forth of sifting through different software’s to find client communication history and dates are eradicated.
  3. The ONBOARDING process can be long, repetitive and is hard to keep a track of the progress - let alone follow through end to end onboarding. Again, Nomisma is able to solve the age-old problem of flicking between software’s, reading spreadsheets with duplicate or missing data. Incorporated on one dashboard and speaking to other modules within Nomisma, the problem is solved and simplified.
  4. An interesting initiative that we see a lot of accountants not capitalise on, is the notion of value-based pricing. Within the PROPOSALS/QUOTES module at Nomisma, we offer a systematic approach and customisable pricing database that allows accountants to price their services with ease.
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