Any business has multiple levels of work. This is apparently more evident for any large company, but in the case of small firms, it isn’t that visible. In most small businesses, due to the smaller number of people, job roles are not always properly classified. Cases also occur where due to the number of capable individuals, more important tasks have to be accomplished by the owner. These vital tasks involve finance and accounts handling, payments, taxes, pension enrollment, etc. All these tasks are crucial in any business and need to be done effectively. They are paramount to the health of the business and any mistake in these matters can lead to huge losses. Therefore, the people of authority or say the owners prefer to do this job. But this isn’t as easy as it sounds. A lot of time has to be devoted to this work and it has to be checked for any errors. It would be really nice if somebody or thing would help with this job. Hiring a professional for these tasks takes up quite a considerable amount of money. Even if the expense is not that high. Completely professional and error free work is a little difficult to be produced in the short amount of time. Therefore, to do away with all the problems one might face in this regard, there is Nomisma Solutions’ online accounting software for small business.

Nomisma- Benefits aplenty

1. Nomisma is a completely online and cloud-based program. It has been created especially by keeping in mind the needs of a small business and assists them effectively. It helps business owners as well as accountants with their accounting related work. This, cloud-based, small business software has a user-friendly design and interface which is very easy to operate. It can be white labeled with all the services provided online along with cloud-based storage. It has integrated modules related to various tasks and needs of a business. Nomisma Small business accounting software for UK businesses, in turn, makes the whole process even more efficient. 2. It allows access from anywhere, at any time. All you need to do is just log in from your browser and you’ll have the whole account at your fingertips. This gives anyone the freedom to work at home and for a change, let go of their boring workplace, if it is so. Not only just access but also gives you the option to change, remove, update and add other information. Most standard online accounting software for small business didn’t provide access from anywhere and to add to it, also didn’t allow multiple accesses. This limitation is overcome by our premier business accounting software which allows multiple people to access the same files at the same time. All this access is completely safe and secured. The cloud-based system uses resilient encryption technology which keeps the data and records completely secured. 3. Nomisma small business accounting software UK never lets a person miss the deadline. They are helped with the management of dates and deadlines, and regular alerts are given to ensure that work is completed on time. This even gives real-time updates and modifies work already done. Also, it makes the person aware if any changes according to latest legislation that needs to be made. It generates excellent reports on professional templates which make the work look clean. It gives a helping hand in increasing the productivity and profit of the business. It even helps to reduce the workload, thereby letting the owners and other people of authority have greater time. So that they can invest in planning and implementing various strategies to improve their services and expand their business. Overall it helps with the growth and development of any company or business. 4. Nomisma business accounting software comes with unlimited fast and free support. Many people are not acquainted with this kind of software and do not really know how to work them. So completely free support is provided where you can pose any kind of problem they are facing and you will be provided with a response as soon as possible. There are various unique features in different modules of this free small business accounting software listed below:


  • A mobile app just a click away
  • Journal entries
  • Purchase bills, subcontractor bills, etc.
  • Multi-Currency
  • Linked to Payroll and Self-Assessment Modules
  • Direct feeds from Banks
  • Dividend processing and voucher generation
  • Working Capital Management
  • Report availability in .pdf, .docx and other formats
  • Transaction Summary
  • Financial Statements and Balance Sheets
  • Comprehensive Audit
  • Reports
  • Email Invoices directly from software
  • Departmental Accounting


  • Flexible and easy
  • Fully integrated
  • Automatic update of accounts and books
  • Bulk payroll submission
  • Regular payroll runs can be carried by the system
  • Increased efficiency and control
  • Excellent reports
  • All working papers are saved online with payroll
  • Student loans and other allowance
  • Auto-enrollment


  • Fully integrated with other modules
  • Lead-capture
  • Lead-management
  • Company formation
  • Contract setup
  • Document management
  • Workflow management
  • Email campaign and tracking
  • Proposal and quotes to lead
  • Discover potential clients
These are just a few module features out of the many this best small business accounting software offers. After looking at its amazing benefits and features, no one can deny the opportunity of using it right away. Don’t even think twice because there isn’t need to. You don’t have to spend a lot for this. It comes at just a mere cost of about twenty pounds per month depending upon the kind of services you select. Also Read: Integrated Accounting Software for Small Businesses Still, if you are not completely convinced, you can easily book a free demo where you will be shown all the features and operations. You are even given the option to sign up for a 28-day free trial through which you can explore all that this software can offer and check your work with the perfect assistant. So try it, to see its benefits as soon as possible. Your business can achieve great heights; it is all just a click away.