The term bookkeeping means different things to different to some it is same as accounting. Prior to computers and software, the bookkeeping usually began with making entries into journals. There used to be specialised journals for sales, purchases, cash receipts, and cash payments. All the transactions of the company were written in journals in date order and then the amounts in journals were posted to the designated accounts in the general ledger. Then each account’s balance was calculated and these were used to make company’s financial statements. Manually writing all these transactions into journals, then into accounts and then manually calculating the account balances was a time consuming task and often resulted in some incorrect amounts which meant spending hours into tracing out the wrong entries or errors. After locating and correcting the entry the bookkeeping part ended. However, long gone are those days of such hassle-full tasks. Now is the time of accounting software that has eliminated the reoccurring tasks. Now there is no need of making separate journals and with bookkeeping software, for example, the general ledger is automatically updated when a sales invoice is generated or you make an entry of any expense made. Also the speed of these software leave you with lot of time for your business which is very essential for small businesses which are generally short of manpower and time. The accounting software has been so designed that every transaction must have the debit amounts equal to the credit amounts otherwise it will show an error. Also the chance of errors caused due to manual entry, rewriting and calculations are eliminated because of the electronic accuracy. Properly kept financial statements help an accountant to easily perform legal and tax management in a timely manner. Thus bookkeeping is a vital for any business. However, for small businesses bookkeeping becomes all the more important because they cannot afford to bear the additional costs incurred because of delays as result of wrong or missed entries. Nomisma is simple small business bookkeeping software that helps a small business manage the bookkeeping even with limited manpower. Nomisma is easy to use cloud-based online bookkeeping software that can be used by anyone even without prior knowledge of accounts. You started your business for business and not for learning accounts and we as a small business ourselves fully understand this.

Bookkeeping is easy with Nomisma

Bookkeeping isn’t hard with Nomisma accounting software you just need to see who owes you money and bill them and check where you're spending money and record and categorise your expenses. Nomisma is especially designed for multi-users among finance professionals and small businesses and contractors. Bookkeeping module offers:


Easily and quickly track all of your expenses Nomisma comprehensive bookkeeping software. Nomisma allows you to categorise your expenses into categories, you can add notes to them, and mark them as paid or due. You can even upload a picture of the receipt with each expense.


With Nomisma you can send as many invoices though email as you want to any of your contacts. Track payments when you receive them. Nomisma has option for creating sales invoices, credit notes, VAT only invoice, multi-currency invoicing, multi-trade invoicing, batch upload, etc. You can also set up invoices to reoccur whenever you need. Nomisma bookkeeping software also allows you to customise your invoices with its templates. Read Also: Online Payroll Software for Accountants and Small Businesses

Upload and Save Bills

Upload all kinds of bills like purchase bills, subcontractor bills, debit notes, purchase invoice and other easily and quickly with Nomisma. You can even save purchase bills in PDF, word or any other format you want on your system.


Send business proposals to prospective clients. We have saved some templates for your ease that can be easily customised. You can even turn these proposals to invoices and send them to your client.

Mobile app

The mobile app of the software allows for accessibility anytime anywhere without waiting for reaching office.


At Nomisma we are fully aware that times are changing and the businesses are working globally which creates the need to accept multi currency with Nomisma you can easily do that.

Powerful Reporting

Nomisma provides VAT comparison report, management reports, balance sheet, trial balance, profit and loss, departmental reports, detailed audit trail, detailed ledger report, transactional report,debtor summary, debtor detail, creditor summary and creditor detailed report so that in a quick go you get a clear picture of how your business is doing.

Unique modules

Nomisma is power packed with modules such as allowances and reimbursement modules, use of home as office, receipt management (on mobile as well).

Direct feed from bank

With Nomisma you can integrate your banks and all your expenses from the accounts will be directly feed in the books. This will help you to save time and will virtually eliminate reconciliation errors as the data will be directly fed straight from the bank.

Bookkeeper payroll software

A bookkeeper many a times has to maintain the payroll too. Nomisma comes with a special payroll module at a very competitive cost.

Reference letters

With Nomisma bookkeeper software saves many hours by producing income reference letters for your clients from the templates.

The Power of the Online Software

Always Secure and accessible

Unleash the power of online accounting solution with Nomisma online bookkeeping software. With online accounting software you spend less time managing software and thus are able to devote your precious time to generating more business. With Nomisma your data is stored online instead of your computer which makes the books always accessible, up to date and secure in case of computer crash.

Always Up-To-Date

The online accounting software purchased by you will be of the latest version as you will get automatic updates.