Working across different software programmes depending on the task as an accountant or finance professional is still a gripe. Accountants complain of the time it takes to swap between different software interfaces and the effort it takes to become a proficient user of each one; they balk at the expense of using multiple software programmes and have concerns about lost data and client security. Then there are the accountant's clients, thousands of whom are from the ever-growing small business and contractor market, who require a particular sort of accounting service. Small business and contractor clients tend to expect immediate access to their accounts and often require fast feedback from their accountant on aspects of their business. Accountants and their clients have the right to expect secure access to bank account data and HMRC and the facility to upload receipts all through the same portal, all of which is secure on the cloud, and accessible by anyone with authority to access the account. Meanwhile, HMRC are putting more and more pressure on businesses and accountants to report in real time, pay up, remain compliant, and so on and so on, and there is little space for error and no time to waste for either businesses or accountants. Accounting Now Accountants now need to offer a lot more than they did, even fifteen years ago. For accountancy practices to grow profits year on year, they need to take on more clients and offer more services while at the same time cutting overheads and increasing efficiency. There is simple economic theory behind that remark, but any accountant will know that it is not so easy to achieve in practise.

Nomisma is one powerful integrated software solution for accountants and their small business and contractor clients

Nomisma Solution is actually designed to promote business growth for accountancy practices by offering one affordable bookkeeping and compliance software to manage any bookkeeping or compliance task any practice specialising in small business and contractor accounting could possibly need. Nomisma is designed specifically so that accountants can take on more clients, not increase overheads, but increase efficiency. Nomisma does more than reduce overheads and increase efficiency though; it is also designed to introduce an additional income stream. Nomisma is a white label software product that accountants can cross-sell to their clients at a name and price of their choosing. Read Also:Nomisma- the Solution to all your accounting needs

Efficient, secure, integrated, outstanding value for money

1. Nomisma puts a stop to the expense in practice of multiple software programmes depending on the task, thereby cutting costs, as well as increasing efficiency while reducing overheads, and improving security. 2. Integration: all data is accessible from Nomisma; integration means that data input is carried out once and shared across Nomisma's whole system to generate reports, invoices, emails, references, etc. 3. Nomisma has powerful features essential to running a business: automatic invoicing, VAT comparison report, and expenses management, as well as the ability to generate references letters and store receipts. 4. Nomisma's unique integrated features include dividends processing, receipt storage at no additional cost, takings sheet for cash businesses, as well as CIS subcontractor modules that generate statements. Invest in Nomisma at one fixed price and manage every compliance task from one package in your practice. Provide your clients with integrated bookkeeping and accounting software, build their loyalty, cut time chasing data, automate certain tasks, and benefit from being able to generate reports of all kinds. Manage your clients from Nomisma's CRM module and help your clients to benefit from the same remarkable facility. Nomisma reduces overheads, increases efficiency, and promotes security and compliancy. Nomisma not only represents outstanding value for money but an opportunity to boost business growth too.