Nomisma is the best accounting and compliance software available in the UK if you want to benefit from an integrated software system designed to promote business growth. Nomisma is the white label, fully integrated software system designed specifically for accountants to run their practice, which can be cross-sold to their clients. What with Nomisma's huge spectrum of bookkeeping capability, its accessibility, and user-friendly design, accountants are easily able to encourage their clients to take advantage of real-time accounting. Nomisma has every feature any accountancy practice may need, or require in order to run the management accounts of their small business and contractor clients. Nomisma is sophisticated compliance software, but it pays attention to the lay-user as much as the expert user as it is designed for use by both. Nomisma will help accountants help businesses manage CRM, company secretary, self assessment, payroll/auto-enrolment, everything, all from one integrated system

Credit where it is due

Of course, the Nomisma team has been inspired by existing bookkeeping, accountancy, and compliancy packages; many software systems run elements of accounts, bookkeeping, and compliancy effectively, but none of them integrate and automate everything like Nomisma. You can read our comparison with Xero here, but the issue for the moment is that while many software systems offer some great features they all fail to cover comprehensively, and deliver an integrated approach to, all aspects of accounts and compliancy as well as business growth.

Nomisma Small Business Accounting Software Features :

  • Dividends processing
  • Receipt storage at no additional cost\
  • Reference letters
  • VAT comparison report
  • Takings sheet component for cash, retail, and restaurant businesses
  • Integrated module for CIS subcontractors and contractor statements
  • White label to cross-sell

Everything you are likely to need besides

All the other features you would expect to find in software marketed to manage bookkeeping, accounts, compliancy, CRM for small business, and business growth are there as part of Nomisma's integrated system. You will be amazed by how at the press of a button you can access data, produce reports, generate accounts, provide feedback, file, email, request, and manage all the tasks accountants, and the businesses they support, require. Trial Nomisma free for 14 days and experience the difference from day one.