For medium-sized businesses based in the United Kingdom, Nomisma accounting software offers professional results, a business owner needs, to address the ever changing compliance, operational and financial requirements. The software is easy to use and offers powerful analytics and reporting, stress-free automation, and integration with other business applications. Nomisma enables the business owners to focus on their prime business operations business while the software performs all the mandatory accounting essentials. Nomisma offers additional solutions than just the simple accounting solutions. The software package enables the users to make use of the entire accounting tools such as invoices, time tracking, reports and others. The application enables the business owners to expand their business, thereby, spending less time with accounting paperwork

How Nomisma Solution is apt for medium-sized businesses

Nomisma solutions was created in 2013 and the application is United Kingdom’s most popular cloud-based accounting software. Apart from the performing accounting tasks for small-businesses, the software is proficient of contributing to other business services such as Corporation tax, self-assessment, book-keeping, corporation tax, company secretarial, and payroll. The application offers the following features for medium-sized businesses:
  • Dashboard – Instantaneously keep trajectory of completed and pending accounts. Automatically consolidate and import expenses, and manage customer follow up easily
  • Dominant reportage – The software provides access to several automatically generated reports. It covers the whole lot of activities from P&L for job or department, to debtors reports, and ledger reports
  • File financial statement to companies house – Reduces the requirement for identical tasks and make certain that the medium-sized business owners remain compliant
  • Financial Reporting Standard (FRS) 105 accounts – The software produces completely compliant FRS 105 accounts. The software also enables the users to override settings and opt for the disclosures required
  • Route journal entries – Capability to make custom-built journal entries so that the business is able to make pertinent modifications to their accounts
  • Adding supporting documents – Medium-sized business owners can upload and attribute any important document to an account or a precise entry
  • Work flow management – Create cohesive and automatic workflows for all accounting processes and track workflow progress from anywhere
  • Complete audit trail – The software keeps a record of all the accounting entries, with tags describing who accomplished what, and when
  • Submit statutory accounts and CT600A to HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) – Accounts are completely assimilated with compliant HMRC submission
  • Customized trial balance recording – The software enables the business to import trial balances from third party applications
  • Mapping reports – All accounts are mapped and reports are generated automatically
  • Directors – Update information pertaining to company secretary as well as appointment or termination of a director
  • Full integration – Trial balance automatically updated with reference to other modules
The above mentioned are certain reasons because of which Nomisma is an ideal accounting application for medium sized businesses. Apart from being an excellent software for accounting and bookkeeping, Nomisma Solution provides 24/7 free e-mail assistance and telephone support, both at a low-priced cost recurrent subscription. In order to use the software, each medium-sized business will be provided an ID for a free one-month trial. Creating a user account is a simple process and does not consume a lot of time – just in a few minutes the software can be accessed. Since, Nomisma is a cloud-based online accounting software, information can be accessed from anywhere and the software automatically makes the required correction

Free trial version of Nomisma accounting software for medium-sized businesses

The organisation provides 1 month free trail for medium-sized businesses. Start your trail version of the software right now.