Small Business Accounting Software

Nomisma is an all-in-one fully integrated software for small business owners. Established in 2013, the aim of Nomisma is to “ensure that you can run your practice in the simplest, most efficient and profitable way.” Since its inception, Nomisma has always worked towards providing world class facilities, and it has succeeded in doing that to a huge extent with its modules. Our small business accounting software gives you modules to simplify working and maximize output. Following are the modules provided by Nomisma:
  • Payroll
  • Bookkeeping
These modules help you improve the efficiency of your company business, small or big. The modules help you to enhance customer relations as well as grow in an ever - expanding global economy. While small businesses do not need most of these accounting services, they require the basic payroll and bookkeeping to function smoothly. Nomisma has done a wonderful job of providing these for free to small businesses and has become one of the first free small businesses accounting software in the UK. Let us analyze both payroll and bookkeeping modules provided by Nomisma Solution in detail:

Small Business Payroll

Our Small Business payroll software is very useful for small businesses as it helps in recording the details of your employees, calculate employees pay and deductions on your behalf, calculate the amount you owe to HMRC and reports all the payroll information to HMRC on time.

Features of Nomisma Small Business Payroll Software

  • Automatic Payroll - Use automated system to run payroll automatically and easily make fixed payments for qualified companies.
  • Auto Enrolment - Stay compliant with auto-enrollment option. You can simply opt-in and opt-out from it anytime.
  • Integration with Bookkeeping Module - There is no need to copy any data manually as payroll data is automatically posted into the bookkeeping module.
  • Payslips/P45/P60 - Easily download or print out the Payslips.
  • In-depth reporting - Generate detailed reports covering everything from a breakdown of total wage costs to RTI submission reports.
  • Dashboard - Remain on top of all important payroll tasks by doing payroll processing, Pay slips generation and RTI submission all at one place.
  • Automatically calculate mandatory or voluntary payments – Automatically calculate SSP/SMP/SPP as well as student loan payments.
  • Working papers – Upload all client's information and attach it with individual entries or accounts. No need to search various folders or e-mails for it.
  • Employee dashboard & login – Separate dashboard for each & every employee to login and check everything at one place from working hours, attendance, leave status to e-pay slips, reimbursements etc.
  • Employee can use app & submit expenses – With the help of Nomisma mobile app, employees can easily access any payroll information and submit expenses for reimbursements anytime.
  • Expenses authorization – Easy authorization of expenses & invoices through fast approval process.
  • So more than payroll – You can easily manage employee’s attendance, salary, PF requests, ESI, FNF, income tax etc. with the help of this cloud accounting payroll software. It not only provides you payroll information but much more than that.
  • Bulk payroll processing which saves time –Save your time by processing salary payments in bulk rather than processing them individually. It increases your efficiency and save your cost too.
  • Fully HMRC compliant – Submit payroll data directly to HMRC before the deadline with the help of this fully HMRC compliant payroll software.
  • Fast and easy to use and saves time – It helps in increasing the speed of your work as well as saves your time.

Small Business Bookkeeping

Our Small Business Bookkeeping Software helps running businesses in an efficient manner and it is all because of the benefits they offer to the individuals or organizations.

Features of Nomisma Small Business Bookkeeping Software

  • Upload and send facility for invoices - Bulk upload and send facility for invoices allows you to accomplish multiples tasks in one timeso that you can utilize the saved time in advising your clients.
  • Upload and send Subcontractor Bills - Make all your sub-contractor billing needs simple & efficient by easy calculations.
  • Customizable Outputs - Make invoices personalized with your company logo or trading logo.
  • Paperless Bookkeeping - Easily attach copies of relevant documents to any transaction in multiple formats. No need to search many folders for a single receipt.
  • Mobile App and simple to use - It is very simple to use. Easily send, reconcile invoices as well as create expense claims anytime, anywhere from any device – Computer, laptop or tablet with the help of Nomisma mobile app.
  • Unique Takings Sheet - Records exactly how much cash was received and which type of goods or services it is allocated to resulting in stress free reconciliation.
  • VAT Submissions - Create your VAT returns and submit it online to HMRC with the help of cloud bookkeeping software. You can easily track as well as manage it with the help of Nomisma mobile application anywhere, anytime.
  • Reimbursements are made easy - Easily reimburse your expenses with unique features like home & office expense which helps and makes you understand how to pay best returns to your employees as well as clients.
  • Automatic Reconciliation - Save hours of your time you spent on doing bank reconciliation by using Nomisma bookkeeping software which not only recognizes your transaction but also matched them for you.
  • Collect Money fast - Send & receive fast payments with payment gateway integration.
  • Credit Control - With the help of credit control feature of Nomisma bookkeeping software, you can easily make control over credit by knowing how much amount client owes you and from how long the amount is pending.
  • Real time cash flow position – You can easily track and understand the real financial position of the company by viewing the real time cash flow.
  • Multiple logins for staff – Easily create multiple logins for your staff with the help of Nomisma bookkeeping software. You can grant access of your financial data to multiple users. It also gives you authority to restrict the access of your data among the staff.
  • Powerful management reporting – Generate powerful management reports like P&L a/c, balance sheet and cash flow statement to know the real financial position of the company.
  • Making tax digital (MTD) compliant – Keeps your records digital with the help of this MTD compliant software. It is simple, secure, affordable and fulfills your every VAT filling requirement.
  • Integrated to payroll and therefore accurate management reports – Bookkeeping is smoothly and continuously integrated to payroll and therefore helps in generating accurate management reports which includes capturing, managing and reporting of time as well as attendance data. It helps in solving workforce management tasks too.
  • Dividend vouchers – Easily process dividends and produce dividend vouchers too.
  • Reference letters – Create reference letter templates in system for clients inclusive of all relevant information. You can also update the same with the help of few clicks.
Providing these small business accounting services, Nomisma has now become best small business accounting software. Nomisma, keeping in mind the sensibilities and difficulties of small businesses, created this package. Read Also: Online Accounting Software which makes account keeping easy

Why Nomisma Small Business Accounting Software?

Easy to work with Nomisma Solution is a white-label, cloud-based, and fully integrated bookkeeping and compliance software, designed by ‘the accountants’ for use by ‘the accountants’ and their small business as well as contractor or freelancer clients. This makes using Nomisma easier to work with. Friendly user interface and navigation Nomisma, keeping in mind the varied number of users makes use of the conventional static, and drop-down lists, icons and buttons, fill-in-the-blank fields, and toolbars making navigating easily to understand, handle and comply with. Navigation through Nomisma is child’s play because of it's easy to understand uncomplicated display. Available on the go With mobile apps, you can constantly be aware of your accounting activities. Not only that but adding or removing logs, saving or removing data on the go makes the system easy and speedy. Interactive home pages The Dashboard gives you a complete overview of all your accounts. It also contains links to the working screens, so you can easily pay a bill or send an invoice or even transfer funds between accounts—whatever needs to be done that day immediately. Integration with complementary add-ons For ease of the customer, Nomisma has come up with integration making it best small business accounting software. And even most companies would agree that the future of accounting for any small business software lies in integration. If a business needs more flexibility and features in a particular area, like invoicing, or expenses, or inventory management, there are hundreds of add-on solution. But, managing them separately can be tiring. Thus, the reason for integration Timely and prompt customer support Nomisma with its network spread across the UK not only provides quality accounting services for small business, but also world class service. A customer can never be unsatisfied with Nomisma customer support which is available 24/7. Nomisma, the small business accounting software, UK, is in the true sense a champion of small businesses.