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Let's take a deeper dive into the future of Nomisma. It's looking bright and extremely exciting!

Official integration with Dext

We're delighted to announce our official integration is now underway, bringing a seamless two-way integration between Dext (Formerly ReceiptBank) and Nomisma. The integration will allow you to:

  1. Utilise Dext's powerful and highly accurate OCR technology to auto-publish directly into Nomisma.
  2. Make the most of Dext's 'Fetch' functionality, allowing you to connect directly to 1,000s of suppliers and auto-publish sales invoices and supplier bills directly to Nomisma.
  3. All nominal codes, suppliers and customers within Nomisma will be synced directly to Dext, allowing for a truly seamless experience.

CIS & Bookkeeping Integration

Our CIS module is now undergoing a facelift in terms of user interface and experience. The next major enhancement we're working on is a two-way integration between our CIS and bookkeeping modules. Meaning all subcontractor invoices raised in either module will always be in sync.

Final Accounts & Self-Assessment eSignatures

We recognise approval as a bottleneck for some practices that get approval via email, physical signature, or a separate eSignature platform. Therefore, we're building a solution that'll allow you to request eSignatures directly from the Nomisma platform with a single click. That, combined with our built-in workflows, will mean the task status will update based on when it's sent, as well as when the document has been signed. That's not all; the signed document will also be stored and accessible from within your client's self-assessment or final accounts profile in Nomisma.

Fixed Asset Registers

We're planning to introduce fixed asset registers directly within the bookkeeping module itself. You'll be able to easily manage all asset categories, their respective depreciation rates, and post depreciation or asset disposal journals. 

Automatic Payment Chaser Emails

Within the bookkeeping module, you'll be able to decide exactly when customers should be chased for payment concerning outstanding sales invoices. In addition to that, you'll be able to create your own email template and decide the ongoing frequency and time your customer should receive repeat payment reminders.

Office365 & Gmail, Two Way Calendar Integration

The calendar within our CRM has recently had a facelift, to which we've had some great feedback. One of the standout requests has been to integrate with both Office365 and Gmail. We've listened and added it to our roadmap. As a result, when you create events within Nomisma's CRM, they'll be added directly to your calendar and vice versa. Keeping both beautifully in sync. 


We've many exciting plans, but we'd love to hear what would make your working life a little easier. If you have any suggestions or there's anything you would like to see built into Nomisma, please email them to: [email protected].

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